Park University to Provide College Credit for Citizenship and Community Service

May 4, 2020 — Park University, which has served those who serve their community and country since its founding in 1875, has announced that it will provide up to nine hours of college credit for students who have demonstrated they have been civically engaged citizens.

Beginning in the Fall 2020 semester, the University’s Civic Engagement Portfolio program (CE 200) will allow students the opportunity to earn three credit hours for every 120 hours of community service, up to a maximum of nine credit hours for 360 hours of community service and increased leadership responsibilities. With the addition of two core courses, Introduction to Leadership (CA 233) and Leadership for Civic Engagement (CA 493), and three to nine credit hours of electives (depending on credit hours earned for community service), a student could earn a minor in citizenship and service from Park in just 18 credit hours.

“The new program is inventive, in that it assigns quantifiable value to the invaluable experience of working in service to others,” said Michelle Myers, Ed.D., Park University provost. “Students who are involved in community or service organizations, or perhaps have served on mission trips with their church, are among the candidates who would be ideal for this program.”

In order to be considered community service, the civic engagement must involve activities that directly promote the common good, welfare and/or safety of the local, national and/or global community. Students can only use community service experiences from their junior year of high school and beyond, but those experiences must be within five years prior to attending Park University.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to relate practical experience to interdisciplinary and integrative thinking, demonstrate the value of service in a global society and provide documentation illustrating the ability to facilitate service in a wide variety of contexts, including communication, teamwork and leadership.

For more information about the Civic Engagement Portfolio and/or the Citizenship and Service minor, visit or contact Park University’s Office of Admissions, / (816) 746-2530.



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